Virtual Tours

The following website is a virtual tour of both the Virginia State Capitol Building and the Capitol Grounds. Once you arrive at the homepage, you can view videos or explore areas of interest on your own.

The virtual tours website requires the Adobe Flash Player. You can download the Flash Player at the Adobe website at no charge. If you do not have the Flash Player plugin installed, you will be prompted to install it before any content is shown.

This website is best viewed on a high speed internet connection. While all content will play on slower connection speeds, (dial-up, wi-fi, wireless satellite cards), you may experience delays in content loading and/or playing.

Please be sure to have your computer's sound turned on, as necessary direction and content will be provided with audio throughout the website.

For visitors with special needs: An accessible segment of this website has been created for those visitors who use technology other than standard web browsers to view web content. This segment of the website contains all of the same information, made more accessible than the default visual presentation that is seen when visiting the virtual tours areas.